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When AutoblogGreen visited Bob Lutz's house for the Vectrix electric scooter delivery this week, GM's product development chief Bob Lutz gave us some pretty candid information about the Chevy Volt's progress. Take this tidbit, when Sam asked Lutz if GM has vehicles running with both the CPI (i.e., LG Chem) and the A123/Conti packs?

South Korea's LG Chem has just scored a second big contract for their automotive lithium ion batteries. Earlier this year, the company, along with U.S. subsidiary Compact Power Inc., were one of two groups awarded development contracts from General Motors for the Chevrolet Volt program. The new contract comes from Hyundai for use in hybrid-electric vehicles starting in 2009. The batteries will be used in hybrids under both the Hyundai and Kia brands.