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According to Top Gear, Lexus plans to debut a new hatchback at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show that will be available exclusively as a hybrid. The new car would be related to the HS 250h, albeit designed specifically for European markets, and would reportedly be a bit shorter than its American platform-mate to fit in premium subcompact segment that's popular across the pond and currently full of 4-cylinder diesels. Andy Pfeiffenberger, Lexus chief in Europe, explains:

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Just the other day, Lexus' European head Andy Pfeiffenberger said that Lexus is in the hybrid market for the long term. The Japanese automaker is following Toyota, its owner, into the gas/electric waters head first with no plans to back out any time soon. In fact, a report in Japan's Nikkei newspaper suggests that Lexus would consider a line of vehicles solely powered by hybrid drivetrains. It's true that Lexus sales have slowed down rather dramatically in the last few months, a fact that Toyota

Toyota has finally confirmed what's been rumored for months, that a new hybrid is coming for its upmarket Lexus brand based on the underpinnings of the Toyota Prius. The Prius itself is about to undergo a major reworking, as the third-generation of the iconic hybrid will debut in January at the Detroit Auto Show. According to Lexus officials, the Prius-based Lexus will go on sale in Europe for 2010, and we're guessing the U.S. will get that model too. A second dedicated hybrid model will reporte

It's been rumored and alluded to so many times that we just began accepting it as fact, and now it is: Toyota has confirmed that Lexus will indeed get a version of the Toyota Prius. Based on the third-generation of the Prius hatchback that is set to debut in January at the Detroit Auto Show, the Lexus is expected to be a bit less fuel efficient, a bit more sporty and a lot more opulent. We have no idea what Toyota's luxury division will charge for its new hybrid, but it'll definitely be sold for

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While it's no surprise to hear that Lexus will be showing off a more luxurious version of the Prius hybrid sedan, Inside Line is reporting that the upcoming model will be priced over $30,000 and possibly have an older brother in the form of a dedicated hybrid crossover utility vehicle. Based on Toyota's midsize sedan architecture, the crossover vehicle would be similar in size to the hybrid RX that Lexus already sells in pretty good numbers. We have no information on whether Lexus plans to offer

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The Toyota Prius needs no introduction to any reader of AutoblogGreen. The hybrid has gained iconic status and is the poster-child for the green automotive movement. While we appreciate the current Prius, we're really excited at the prospect of plugging in the next-generation version. Even better would be a plug-in Lexus Prius with lithium ion batteries and all the best bells and whistles that accompany the Lexus name.

Last month, we brought you the words of Toyota president Katsuaki Watanabe who announced that at next year's NAIAS in Detroit, his company would be unveiling a pair of dedicated hybrid models: a replacement for the lamentably iconic current Toyota Prius, and a dedicated luxury hybrid from Lexus. The latter would be the first standalone hybrid model from the luxury brand, which until now has made a name for itself producing gasoline/electric versions of its standard models.

Gasoline-electric powertrain aside, part of what makes the Toyota Prius get such good mileage is the stripped-out interior and itty-bitty wheels. Put in a leather interior, power everything, premium entertainment system with DVD players and LCD televisions and big wheels – features that Lexus customers (even those in hybrid models) have come to expect – and the purpose teeters on the brink of defeat. But that's what looks to be shaping up.