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Superconductors are nothing new. Lowering the temperature of certain materials to extremes such that zero electrical resistivity follows, and the result: levitation. It's a neat trick that you learn in any basic college physics course, but some feel superconductors could have major applications outside of the classroom or lab--like powering a hovercraft, for example. Below is a video that claims to show just that.

Ben on MySpace has video of the first human powered tractor trailer. According to the video (which you can watch below the fold), the trailer was taken on route 130 in New Jersey .... and the cops pulled them over. What possible reason could the police have had to pull them over? Anyway, the video says the police did not understand how a "bike" could pull a 6,000 pound trailer but I think it has something to do with the "Ground Surface Magnetic Levitation" mentioned at the website. AutoblogGreen

Let's be honest here... when one brings up the gecko in a car related discussion, the first thing that you think of is Geico, right? If your answer was yes, the marketing team for the insurance company gets a high-five from us. But, we are not going to be discussing insurance today, but something much more interesting. Getting back to the gecko lizard for a moment - you are probably familiar with the fact that the lizard can stick to objects which appear to be completely smooth. Recent scientifi