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Chrysler's "Let's Refuel America" incentive was pretty soundly panned when it was announced in May. Consumer Reports did the math and agreed that getting gas for $2.99 a gallon for the next three years is not a deal. Customers apparently agree that the gas card incentive isn't worth it, since only about 5-10 percent of Chrysler buyers have opted for the promo (which locks out other options). Still, Chrysler doesn't have much else to offer these days, and so has decided to extended the promotion

Following Chrysler's new "Let's Refuel America Gas Card" announcement, the critics spoke out quickly. While a guaranteed gas price of $2.99 a gallon for three years will certainly appeal to some people, other incentives might offer buyers better savings. To deal with the media fallout and to clarify a few questions about the card, Chrysler's media-only blog, The Firehouse, has tackled the topic with a post discussing the deal and the media coverage.

If you're trying to conserve fuel, making said fuel cheaper doesn't help the cause. If you're trying to sell cars, making the stuff they run on cheaper might help. But one thing is for certain, not everyone is a fan of Chrysler's new "Let's Refuel America Gas Card."