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Ford's $35 million settlement of class action suit under appeal

Case involves dual-clutch transmission issues in Focus and Fiesta

Case involves dual-clutch transmission issues in Focus and Fiesta.

Jeep and Ram diesel owners get $3,075 in lawsuit settlement

Judge approves $800 million from FCA in diesel emissions suit

Judge approves $800 million from FCA in diesel emissions suit.

New Orleans resident keeps getting speeding tickets for his parked car

It's happened 7 times in 10 years, with no fix in sight

Speed cameras have dipped below the surface of the news cycle, yet the programs often remain a nuisance. New Orleans resident Donald Schultz provides the latest example of municipal malfeasance: A speed camera has issued at least ten speeding citations since 2011 to the Nissan Frontier that Schultz parks in front of his house. A car doing more than the posted 35-mph limit triggers the camera, located in the median of Canal Boulevard, but the camera reads the stationary Frontier's license plate i

Lotus CEO busted doing 102 mph uses 'Test Driver' defense

Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales was caught doing 102 miles per hour on the A11 motorway near the carmaker's Hethel HQ.

Tesla was under SEC investigation for a year over Model 3 sales

Elon Musk never disclosed the investigation to investors. It ended without enforcement action.

Elon Musk never disclosed the investigation to investors. It ended without enforcement action.

Volkswagen pleads guilty in emissions scandal, could pay $25B

VW already agreed to pay $4.3 billion in fines in January

Volkswagen, whose diesel-emissions scandal broke in September 2015, pleads guilty in a US District Court to obstruction of justice and conspiracy.

Audi A3 diesel fails independent emissions test in Europe

Test finds double the NOx, but Audi says A3 has been independently tested to comply with legal levels.

European Union arm tests Audi's A3 diesels and finds double the legal limit of nitrogen oxides were emitted.

VW executives lawyering up for diesel scandal court fights

VW criminal settlement with Justice Department is unlikely by Trump's inauguration.

VW agreed to $16 billion in civil fines from US Justice Department, but it will fight criminal charges in the diesel scandal.

Norway Tesla owners unhappy with power-disclosure settlement

Norwegian EV drivers file claim against Tesla in an Oslo court.

Tesla drivers say the $6,000 payoff isn't enough, while Tesla says it's been accurate with horsepower figures.

Tesla shareholders sue over SolarCity deal

Automaker says claim is 'without merit.'

Tesla announced the $2.6 billion buyout of SolarCity in August. Not everyone is happy.

California pulls plug on bill for more zero-emission cars by 2025

State legislative deadline was too short to push stricter measures through.

Automakers, the oil industry, and unions took issue with California's proposed increase in electric vehicles.

Employee warned Mitsubishi execs about mileage cheating in 2005

But the company's leadership denies any knowledge of the comments.

A new hire warned 20 company execs, including senior officials from the company's performance testing department, about the mileage issue in 2005.

Tesla reportedly settles with Model X owner over glitches

Tesla Model X's falcon wing doors remain an ongoing problem.

Tesla reportedly reaches a settlement with Northern California owner of a Model X thanks to the state's lemon law.

Virginia dealer group accuses Tesla of breaking sales law

Company denies wrongdoing as feud continues.

Tesla is alleged to operate illegally out of shopping mall by Virginia dealers group.

SAFE: Autonomous cars will drive us to better national security

More self-driving cars will mean less foreign-oil use, coalition says.

A group called SAFE argues that autonomous driving is good for national security, in addition to just greening up the transportation system.

How coffins are like Tesla's electric vehicle sales

Tesla continues to eye six remaining states for direct distribution rights.

Louisiana case involving casket sales may help Tesla take its distribution legal battle to the feds.

Volkswagen misses US deadline for diesel scandal agreement

VW asked to address problems caused by 580,000 vehicles with 'cheat' software

Volkswagen's deadline to come up with 'fix' for diesel emissions issues was set in late February.

Tesla sued by Virginia dealers' association over new store

Tesla opened its only Virginia store near DC early last year.

Virginia dealership association says Tesla can't open its second state store until at least next year.

Man steals Porsche, brags on video, then crashes into wall

A British man is a guest of Her Majesty's prisons after being sentenced to four years for stealing a Porsche Boxster, taping himself driving it, and crashing.

Self-balancing scooters banned by 180 year old law, British police say

British police remind their countrymen that self-balancing scooters are banned under a 180 year old law.

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