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LeEco founder defies China return order, stays in U.S. for car fundraising

Jia Yueting says Faraday future fundraising is 'making progress.'

"I am deeply sorry and blame myself for the negative impact of LeEco's debt crisis."

LeEco founder Jia Yueting summoned back to China to explain heavy debts

LeSee EV is one of many projects his companies have pursued.

LeSee EV is one of many projects his companies have pursued.

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Inside Faraday Future's money mess

Faraday Future is a company in chaos.

This article from The Verge lifts the veil on Faraday Future.

Aspiring automaker LeEco begs creditors as assets frozen

Founder has money troubles but a "dream to revolutionize the auto industry."

Aston Martin makes RapidE electric car a limited edition after LeEco pulls out

Expect a price tag of over $250,000 for the electric sedan.

"Aston Martin now plans to proceed independently, funding further development of RapidE by ourselves."

LeEco sells off land in Silicon Valley to help pay debts

US headquarters of Faraday Future's Chinese backer may be in doubt.

This $260 million injection of cash couldn't come at a better time.

Faraday Future FF91 could be very, very expensive

LeEco CEO says less than $300,000.

We can expect FF's "Tesla killer" to be somewhat cheaper here in the US.

Faraday Future loses top executive ahead of CES

It's a fast-forward revolving door at FF.

The first production FF model is scheduled to be unveiled at CES in just a few days.

Faraday Future could be out of business by February

If the company can't secure funding at CES, it's over.

Tick, tock.

Faraday Future delays EV production plant in Nevada

"It will be a long while before there is a production car. If CES goes badly, it's all over."

Billionaire behind LeEco and Faraday Future admits company is low on cash

But don't worry, he's taking a massive pay cut.

With the company's lofty goals, it was only a matter of time before money became an issue.

Another billion raised in China for electric cars

The money is flowing in what is already a huge EV market.

This will likely help Faraday Future, too.

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LeSee is China's Answer for the Tesla Model S | Autoblog Mintue

LeSee is an electric vehicle from China meant to compete with the Tesla Model S. What we know about LeSee so far is that it’s from the Chinese electronics giant LeEco.

Tesla rival LeEco building $1.8 billion EV factory in China

LeEco's EV factory near the Chinese city of Huzhou would pump out 400,000 EVs per year.

China's LeEco teases its very own autonomous electric car

Watch out, Tesla!

LeEco shows off the LeSee EV, with autonomous driving and self-parking capabilities.

Aston Martin partners with Chinese company to make RapidE by 2018

China's LeEco also teams with Faraday Future.

Aston Martin now has a partnership with Chinese company LeEco to develop EV tech, and they hope to bring the RapidE electric sedan to production by 2018.