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Monkey Lights are weatherproof wheel-mounted LED lights with fun designs that are aimed at improving cyclist visibility.


LG Group has taken up legal arms against both BMW and Audi over a patent dispute. The technology company is reportedly aiming to have the sale of vehicles from both German automakers banned in South Korea over an LED patent dispute. According to Korea Times, LG Group is claiming that Osram, the manufacturer of LEDs favored by both automakers, is infringing on LG patents. Oddly enough, LG was once behind the patent game and had to pay Osram to use the company's LED technology in LG products. Now


General Motors is looking to deck the Renaissance Center in more LED lighting, according to a report from The Detroit Free Press. The manufacturer has already installed one ring of the colored lights at the top of its tower and has petitioned the City of Detroit to allow the building to be fitted with vertical LED strips along the exterior elevator of the main tower. GM also wants the city to relax its signage regulations to allow it to scroll messages across the sign at the top of the center to

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Back last spring, Audi began offering an optional all-LED headlamp cluster on its R8 sports car as a $5,600 option. The new R8 V10 that was announced in early December will incorporate these LED lamp clusters as standard equipment. The R8 V10 is the first car in the world to get LEDs for both the high and low beams. The LEDs use only one quarter of the energy of conventional halogen lamps and Audi expects that energy consumption to drop by another half over the next decade. That amounts to signi

We just came across this piece in The Detroit Free Press that talks about automotive light technology. It's a fairly lengthy but interesting look at how lights are developed and tested. It might seem like a rather mundane subject, but when you consider how important headlights and other lights are to motoring and motor safety, it makes for a good read. But for those who don't have the time right now, and let's face it, that's why most of you get your news from us in the first place, it tells of