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Several startups in San Francisco are trying to bring a luxury experience to mass transit with fleets of highly upgraded buses that offer things like waiters onboard to deliver snacks. Could these companies be bad for the city, though?

Saving fuel takes to the skies with Virgin Airlines' purchase of 30 Airbus A320neo commercial jets equipped with LEAP-X engines.

Yuneec E430, Sonex Waiex, Antares 20E – Click above to watch video after the jump

Webasto has made a business of developing and offering technologies which make big-rig idling much less of a necessity. They like to point out that their wares offer a "win-win" scenario in that they save "green-green": the environment and money. To help get this point across, they created a website last year at www.makealeap.org, LEaP standing for Lowering Emissions and Particulates. To go along with the website, they've created a viral video which can be seen after the break. The video shows a