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Second Drive
2019 Nissan Leaf Plus Second Drive Review | Riding the extended range

It's EPA-rated at 226 miles per charge. How's that work out in real life?

It's EPA-rated at 226 miles per charge. How's that work out in real life?

Green-car sales have a strong year despite a weak December

GM was the lone bright spot last month, with a jolt in Bolt deliveries

Toyota's hybrid sales continue to decline, while Ford's, Honda's level off

New Leaf sales start this year; some leases extended for free

Some owners could receive courtesy payments to bridge the gap.

The new Nissan Leaf will debut this September, with sales starting later in the year.

Chevy Bolt and Volt both easily outpace Nissan Leaf sales

Bolt sales doubled between December and January.

Chevrolet Bolt electric-vehicle sales already outpaced the more established Nissan Leaf in just its second month of availability.

Nissan Leaf surpasses 100,000 units sold in America

Year-to-date sales are still down 28 percent.

Nissan Leaf is the second plug-in to surpass cumulative US sales of 100,000 units after the Chevrolet Volt.

RIP: Nissan Leaf with a 24-kWh battery pack

There may still be some of the older models floating around, though.

New minimum price: $32,450.

Uber will use 50 BYD, Nissan EVs in London

This is the first time Uber will use electric cars in the UK.

Charge, drive, repeat.

MIT: Quit pretending that you couldn't live with an EV

We don't drive as much as we think we do.

Even a Nissan Leaf would work for almost everyone.

Nissan Leaf group buy in Montreal grows to 2,800 people

Local mass discount may bring Leaf price down to about $12,000.

Who wouldn't want to get in on this?

Nissan's No Charge To Charge for Leaf expands to 10 new markets

Florida, Maine, Colorado, and the Carolinas part of the expansion.

But will this help increase sales?

Chevy Volt has best sales month since August 2014

GM sold 2,406 Volts last month, more than double the Leaf's 1,063.

So far in 2016, Volt sales are up 76 percent.

Nissan Leaf's lead over Renault Zoe narrows in Europe

The Mitsubishi Outlander is still by far Europe's best-selling PHEV.

Renault Zoe is about to catch the Nissan Leaf for the European sales lead among electric vehicles.

Nissan will introduce range extender in new compact EV soon

New e-Power powertrain was shown off in the Gripz concept last year.

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn says that a new compact car in Japan will get the e-Power system, which is a range extender for an EV.

Chevy Volt keeps Nissan Leaf in rearview with strong May sales

There were no surprises in the old sales rivalry last month.

The Chevy Volt outsold the Nissan Leaf by over 900 units last month. Pretty much how it's been for all of 2016.

In Nissan's future, your car will roam the night, charging

Everything will be connected. Everything will be awesome.

Renewable energy, vehicle autonomy, V2G and connectivity combine to make the future beautiful.

There are a LOT of cheap used Nissan Leaf EVs out there

It's not hard to find a used Nissan Leaf for under $10,000 these days.

Surveying the used Nissan Leaf market sure makes it tempting to get one, at the low prices that they're available for these days.

Facing Bolt and Tesla, Nissan running out of time to keep EV leadership

Are Potential Buyers Holding Off And Waiting For The Bolt?

January sales slump for the Nissan Leaf electric vehicle continues where last year left off.

Nissan has now sold 200,000 Leaf EVs around the world

That's 330,000 Tons Of Carbon Monoxide Saved To You And Me

Electric vehicles have collectively been driven 1.2 billion miles globally.

Chevy Volt sales surge with 2016 model, Nissan Leaf continues Autumn fall

Buyers Enthusiatic About New American Model, Still Waiting For Improved Japanese Choice

The official figures are out and the Chevy Volt is really taking the sales fight to the Nissan Leaf with a huge increase following the release of its all-new 2016 model.

Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf sales show big drops in September

Buyers May Still Be Waiting For New Models, Model Year Updates

September sales of the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf were both down in a big way. 56.7% for the Leaf and 31.9% for the Volt.

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