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Lead-acid mild hybrid demonstration vehicle boosts fuel economy, not costs

A consortium proposing the use of a lead-acid battery as a cheaper, more effective alternative to vehicle hybridization is showing off its Volkswagen Passat demonstration vehicle in Austria this week.

Metair shows off new plug-in car, and battery, in South Africa

The car may look like a throwback, but the important bits are on the inside. South Africa-based Metair takes a retrofitted two-door hatchback and uses it to show off what the group says is the most advanced lead-acid battery around.

Johnson Controls breaks ground on $150m lead acid battery recycling plant

Recently, Johnson Controls broke ground on its fully-integrated lead-acid battery recycling facility located in Florence, S.C. The plant, called the Florence Recycling Center, is slated to open sometime in 2012 and will employ an estimated 250 workers.

Columnist: Hybrid growth in the near-term will benefit ... lead-acid battery makers?

2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid - Click above for high-res image gallery

Axion and Exide enter into battery agreement

Back in February, we heard news from Axion Power, holders of advanced lead-acid battery technology, that it had collected an $800,000 grant from the State of Pennsylvania to fund testing and demonstration of its lead-carbon batteries. Testing must have gone well, as Axion Power has now announced that it has entered into an agreement with Exide Technologies for the purchase and dist

Innovations into lead-acid battery technology

It's likely that at some distant point in the future, lead-acid starter batteries will go the way of the dodo, at least in green cars. The fact is that newer technologies like nickel metal hydride and lithium ion are much lighter than the lead-acids currently underhood of nearly every car in the world. Still, advancements in lead-acid technology are being made, and as more and more vehicles begin demanding more from their batteries, th

Electric car conversion workshop teaches EV modding

Electric vehicle (EV) advocate Jenny Isaacs has decided she can't wait for rising fuel prices to usher in a wave of hybrids and EVs, and has instead started a workshop to teach people how to convert their own vehicles. Isaacs has brought a Californian EV expert in to run a two-week course in her home town that will show 20 vocational-technical school teachers how to convert a petrol-powered veh