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Gigafactory neighbor will recycle old-tech batteries

After IPO, Aqua Metals Bought 12.5 Acres Next To Tesla

Bay Area-based company Aqua Metals says its process is cheaper and greener than smelting.

Johnson Controls responds to accusations of excessive lead pollution in China

Shanghai Johnson Controls International Battery has been in the spotlight after at least ten children were reportedly hospitalized in Shanghai's Kangqiao Industrial Zone due to ultra-high levels of lead in their blood.

Analyst says limits on batteries mean electric vehicles are doomed

Here's an unsurprising lede: A big part of the cost of electric vehicles lies in the batteries. The good news is that this may soon change. Expectations have been that those costs will fall with increased production, and there have even been predictions of battery oversupply in th

Johnson Controls breaks ground on $150m lead acid battery recycling plant

Recently, Johnson Controls broke ground on its fully-integrated lead-acid battery recycling facility located in Florence, S.C. The plant, called the Florence Recycling Center, is slated to open sometime in 2012 and will employ an estimated 250 workers.

Columnist: Hybrid growth in the near-term will benefit ... lead-acid battery makers?

2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid - Click above for high-res image gallery

AutoblogGreen Q&A with Firefly Energy co-founder Mil Ovan on new lead-acid battery tech: 3D2

As we mentioned the other day, Firefly Energy is setting out to change the way we think of lead-acid batteries. Mil Ovan, Firefly Energy co-founder, spoke with AutoblogGreen about this new battery technology and what it might mean for PHEVs and EVs.