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Recently, Johnson Controls broke ground on its fully-integrated lead-acid battery recycling facility located in Florence, S.C. The plant, called the Florence Recycling Center, is slated to open sometime in 2012 and will employ an estimated 250 workers.

Electric cars have been with us since the very beginning of the automobile age and from that time until now, its most important component has been the battery. It stores energy chemically until it is needed to create the electricity that powers a vehicle's motor. There have been different types of batteries over the years but none have had the practicality or popularity of the very first rechargeable one, the lead-acid battery.

Our favorite site dedicated to electric cars and aimed at women drivers (it might also be the only one), Electric Cars Are For Girls, recently took a look at the different types of lead acid batteries available to drivers today. A reader wrote in asking about converting a car to electric power and was interested in using standard lead acid starter batteries instead of the "traction" or deep-cycle batteries that most people use in converted EVs. After all, the starter batteries look the same, see