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Not the first car, but the first closed-cockpit version.

The DeltaWing was awesome, but far too weird for its original purpose.


He revived Porsche's fortunes — and saved the 911 — in the '80s.

He revived Porsche's fortunes — and saved the 911 — in the '80s.


It's the actual Rolex Newman wore in the 1969 racing film "Winning."

It's the actual Rolex Daytona Newman wore in the 1969 racing film "Winning."


They're not going to come cheap.

Million-dollar pants, anyone?


Color honors a legendary Le Mans winner

Color honors a legendary Le Mans winner.


Also learn about which cars are heaviest, most expensive, and more.

The last cars are all race cars.


Father of the modern SUV, honored in the Automotive Hall of Fame


Porsche is already working on a Formula E car.


No level of racing is too small for Aston Martin.


Toyota invited us to share the 24 hours of action.

On this episode of Translogic, join our host Bucko as he tags along with the Toyota team at the 2017 24 Hours Of Le Mans.

The List

On this episode of The List, our hosts Jessi and Patrick are trackside for the entire 24 Hours of Le Mans.


PARIS - The third-placed Vaillant Rebellion car driven by Brazilian Nelson Piquet Junior, Denmark's David Heinemeier Hansson and Switzerland's Mathias Beche has been disqualified from the Le Mans 24 Hours standings after technical checks. The second tier LMP2 team intended to appeal, organizers added on Monday -- a day after the race finished at the Circuit de la Sarthe. The disqualification means that the Jackie Chan DC Racing number 37 car driven by China's David Cheng, France's Tristan Gomm


Toyota suffers heartbreak yet again.

This was a 24-hour race of attrition.


The team walked away last year with a class victory and the IMSA class championship.


"By starting the race side by side, we will be demonstrating the new ties forged between the ACO and Formula One," said Automobile Club de l'Ouest president Pierre Fillon, who will join Carey.


eSports racing nets a bigger stage than ever.

Turn 10 Studios has worked with Porsche and the ACO to bring eSports to the 24 Hours of Le Mans.


The Mustang, not the GT, was the original plan for the 24-hour race.

Phoenix succeeded where Project Silver failed.


The mini series follows along with Porsche, Audi, and Toyota.

New York

And it's affordable, at least as race cars go.

It will compete against entries from Porsche and Mercedes.

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