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Ask The Car Coach: Talking Hot Cars and Bad Fuel Economy

The Car Coach answeres questions from AOL Autos readers and Facebook followers

Lauren Fix is the Car Coach. She answers reader mail and comments on our Facebook page.

The Car Coach: 5 Worthwhile Waxing And Cleaning Products For Your Ride

New products can save you money and elbow grease

This week, Lauren Fix, the Car Coach, answers reader questions about car cleaning products.

The Car Coach Tackles Your Questions

Today, she doles advice on buying warranties, fixing leaky roofs and who should pay for a premature bushing problem

Dear Car Coach, We bought a Madza Tribute in 2005. Recently, we took the car into the dealer for an oil change and tire rotation, fluid-level check and general upkeep. We are a retired couple that drives moderately. The car has recorded 29,700.