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SEMA-bound: Heico's surf-themed Volvo C30

While Frankfurt's in full swing right now, SEMA is just around the corner in October. Heico Sportiv has been busy pumping up Volvos in anticipation of the Las Vegas event. Standing alongside Heico's E85-fueled, turbo six-powered S80 will be this spicy little C30. The smallest Volvo is also the most stylish, and Heico has tastefully added some more aggression to the exterior with a handsome bodykit. Less aggressive is the "Aloha shirt" pattern applied to said bodykit. Inside it's been given a sea

SEMA Preview: Toyota to unveil 2009 Corolla, Heavy-Duty Tundra and FJ Cruiser Convertible

The 2007 SEMA Show in Las Vegas is not for another three and a half months, but Toyota is getting its ducks in a row preparing for what promises to be a big week in Sin City for the Japanese automaker. It's unveiling not one, not two, but three vehicles at SEMA, including the all-new 2009 Corolla. The current Corolla has been around the block a few more times than Toyota had planned, but still remains a popular vehicle for the company. The new model will include the familiar sedan body type, but

Twin-turbo, mid-engine Corvette Super Coupe headed to SEMA

Though rumors are still swirling beneath the surface that General Motors may be working on a true mid-engine Corvette that would be sold alongside the next-generation C7 model, no one really expects such a paradigm shifting car to ever see the light of day. That hasn't stopped Phil Somers from American Super Car, who is building a mid-engine car with a Sting Ray body powered by a 1,000-hp, twin-turbo LS V8 for this year's SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Called the V7twinturbo, the car is built on a tube

Warehouse Wonders: The Auto Collections at Imperial Palace

Click the image to see our huge high-res gallery.

Toyota named official vehicle manufacturer of 2007 SEMA Show

In 2005, it was Honda. GM, Ford and DaimlerChrysler shared the honors in 2006 to celebrate the history of American Muscle. This year, the 41st annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas has named Toyota the "Official Vehicle Manufacturer of the Show". It's an honor that has more to do with branding the Las Vegas Convention Center with your logo than anything else, and this year, Toyota's logo will be the most prevalent to show goers.

Las Vegas opens solar powered hydrogen generating and filling station

When it comes to utilizing solar power, being in a desert is a good place to be. That makes Las Vegas a prime location for solar applications. The Las Vegas Valley Water District and the UNLV Research Foundation have opened a solar-powered hydrogen generation and fueling station. The Vegas Water District wants to have a one hundred percent alternative fueled fleet by 2015 and part of that includes hydrogen. Already today seventy seven percent are hybrids, compressed natural gas and biodiesel.

Petty and Earnhardt get wax treatment

Only in Vegas. Madame Tussaud's unveiled their latest ghastly likenesses; we're not sure if the fact that the subjects are still alive makes it more creepy. The work is uncanny in its accuracy and lifelike look, and if you're in Vegas, Tussaud's is a veritable family attraction. The reason for the paraffin-ization of the left-turning legends was the kickoff of this weekend's races at Las Vegas's own Motor Speedway. The flesh and blood Petty and Earnhardt were on hand for the debut of their inani

The clearest form of conspicuous consumption: Radurra Clear Wheels

We reported on Radurra's Clear Wheels at the 2006 SEMA Show in Las Vegas where they debuted, but at the time we could only show you live pics of these transparant polycarbonate wheels because Radurra didn't come prepared with a media kit. After checking back with the company's website, we found a new, large gallery of pics that better show off the wheels in their natural state of invisible glory. To recap, they are composed of a hub and outer rings made out of forged aluminum that hold in place

Cops black flag Little Al! Unser Jr. arrested for DUI

Uh-oh. Little Al is in trouble again. AP is reporting that Al Unser Jr. is under arrest and facing DUI charges after leaving the scene of an accident on the Las Vegas Beltway. He was ID'd as the driver of a car that sideswiped another car around 11 Thursday morning. Unser's car didn't have much damage but the other car hit the center median. Neither driver reported any injuries.

ROUSH Reactor Mustang about to blow up at SEMA

The only thing better than booth babes at the SEMA show in Las Vegas are the cars on which they're leaning. The OEMs along with the aftermarket crowd all populate their displays with the sickest rides imaginable, and we're just starting to get an idea what's in store for us this year. This morning, ROUSH informed us that its booth would be occupied by this car, a 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback called "Reactor".

Hybrid taxis in San Francisco doing great, New York fleet still too new to know

The Ford Escape hybrid taxis that are rolling through the streets of San Francisco I mentioned last week are getting good reviews from apparently everyone, according to The Auto Channel: drivers, cab company owners and riders. Drivers are saving about $20 to $30 a shift on gas and getting bigger tips from their riders as a thank you for doing something for the environment, and even the air conditioning costs are less than in sedan taxis. The taxis, which are just about reaching or passing the 10

Paris Hilton has fun, fun, fun 'til her Daddy's casino takes the Bentley away

We shouldn't be shocked when it comes to Paris Hilton. Between that video tape, Carl's Jr. commercial, and her acting in Simple Life (she's acting, right?), the heiress' high jinks have become as predictable and commonplace as overhyped movies in the summertime.

Shelby GT-H production begins in Las Vegas

The dice have been cast on the Shelby GT-H in Las Vegas where production of the limited edition Mustang has just begun at Shelby’s facility in the city of sin. The resurrected “Rent-A-Racer” will populate the planet to the tune of 500 copies that will be made available to rent through the Hertz Fun Collection at select airport locations nationwide later this year. With 325-hp on tap beneath the foot of any average Joe with a license, we think it might be a good idea to spring f

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