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GM Centennial: "Future of Transportation: The Next 100 Years"

As part of the GM Centennial celebration today, the General hosted an hour-long panel discussion that purported to look ahead 100 years and discover "Future of Transportation," according to my handy-dandy GM event schedule. The panel certainly was an hour long and did feature all of the listed guests, but the discussion rarely ranged past the 20-years-in-the-future timeframe. Still, if you didn't know anything about how the U.S. and the major automakers are going to shift away from gasoline-powe

AVFI 2008: Sitting down for a moment with GM's Larry Burns

When Larry Burns, GM's vice president of R&D and planning, spoke at the opening session of the AFVI expo yesterday morning, he stayed on target to bring GM's message to the conference. Before he stepped onto the stage, we had a chance to sit down with him and ask a few question

Audio of Larry Burns speech to the National Hydrogen Association

A couple of weeks ago, GM VP for Research and Development Larry Burns spoke to the National Hydrogen Association. The focus of his talk was to encourage energy companies to get moving with deploying hydrogen filling stations to support a fleet fuel cell vehicles. GM, Toyota and Honda were all at the NHA conference and the three - along with Daimler - have all indicated their confid

Shell chief sees H2 difficulties

The outgoing President of Shell's U.S. operation has thrown some cold water on the latest GM and Toyota PR offensive for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Shell's John Hofmeister told a Sacramento, Calif., audience Monday at a conference on low-carbon fuels that widespread

Toyota chimes in to support Larry Burns' call for hydrogen investment

Toyota published a post on their Open Road Blog today officially supporting statements by GM Vice President Larry Burns. At the recent National Hydrogen Association conference in Sacramento, Burns called on the energy industry to invest more in developing a national hydrogen fueling infrastructure. Burns declared that vehicle fuel cell technology works and manufacturers are ready t

California Dreaming? GM says 2014 will see 1,000 hydrogen cars in CA

As we wrote on April Fool's Day (but wasn't a joke), GM's vice president for research & development and planning, Larry Burns, delivered a speech at the National Hydrogen Association conference highlighting his GM's bullish stance on hydrogen cars. Reuters spoke to Burns about his speech and learned of the General's plans to have 1,000 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles driving in Cal

Larry Burns says H2 cars are ready, calls on government and energy industry to provide hydrogen supply

During a keynote speech at the National Hydrogen Association conference in Sacramento, CA, GM's VP for Research and Development declared automotive fuel cell technology ready. However he said it can't move forward without a supply of hydrogen to feed mass quantities of cars. Between General Motors, Daimler, Toyota, Honda and Ford, automakers have demonstrated that the technology works and is reliable. GM and Honda in particular are working aggressively to create fuel cell designs that can be mas

VIDEO: GM says "millions" of fuel cell vehicles possible in the next decade

"Reports of my death" the fuel cell might say "have been greatly exaggerated." Market Watch spoke with Larry Burns (see video below the fold), VP Research & Development & Strategic Planning for GM, at the launch of Virgin's fuel cell fleet and he is very bulli

GM's Larry Burns gets ASM International research award

GM's Larry Burns is a pretty well known name around these parts, but for those unfamiliar with the name, he is the Vice President of Research and Development and Strategic Planning for the company. Larry leads all the efforts involving cool new technologies at the Detroit car-maker. While we have focused on powertrain innovations like fuel cells, batteries and HC