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Watch Google co-founder's Kitty Hawk Cora electric aircraft in flight

Has a range of 62 miles on a charge, will be tested in New Zealand

Has a range of 62 miles on a charge, will be tested in New Zealand

Build a flying car! It's easy through this online course

Self-driving car pioneer Sebastian Thrun's Udacity offers 'nanodegree' in flying machines

"There is a huge shortage of engineers. There are plenty of smart people — the missing link is education."

Watch Kitty Hawk's test pilots learn to love the flying machine

Pilots describe the moment when it all comes together and they 'get it' in terms of how to fly the machine.

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Watch as flying 'car' from Silicon Valley soars over lake

One rider, no wheels.

Company promises you can buy one by the end of the year.

Google's Larry Page is secretly developing a flying car

He's backing two start-ups that are working in competition to get the job done faster.

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Google almost bought struggling Tesla in 2013

As Tesla struggled in 2013, the company was so close to being gobbled up by Google that Elon Musk and Larry Page shook on a preliminary deal.

Autoblog joins Elon Musk and Danica Patrick in accepting ALS Ice Bucket Challenge [UPDATE]

Watch The Staff Take The Icy Plunge Along With A Mess Of Automotive Celebrities

Unless you've been living in an off-the-grid cabin in the woods for the last couple of weeks or abstain entirely from social media activities, you've probably seen someone you know dump a bucket of ice and water over their own head recently. While the origins of the so-called Ice Bucket Challenge are shrouded in a history typical of Internet memes, its effectiveness in raising money and awareness for the ALS Association has been astonishing.

Google CEO Larry Page says his billions should go to Elon Musk

When you have basically all the money in the world, it can be tough to spend it all. It will be even tougher to spend when you're dead. If you're Google CEO and co-founder Larry Page, though, you already know how you want your money to live on after you're gone: support innovators like Tesla CEO Elon Musk.