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If you were blown away a couple of months ago when Ferrari broke the 7-minute barrier at the Nürburgring, then hold on to your hat, dear friend, because the Prancing Horse has just been bested by its own next-door neighbor.

The Battle for top honors at the Nordschleife continues, with yet another revised 'Ring time for the Nissan GT-R. After a second day of testing, Nissan claims that the 2010 model hacked off nearly a second from its time on Wednesday, delivering an unofficial lap of 7:26.7 – a mere four-tenths of second behind the Corvette ZR1's official time and just over a second slower than the Ferrari Enzo. As always, unofficial times should be taken with the appropriate amount of NaCl, and the way thin

2010 Porsche 911 GT3 - Click above to view the gallery

Click above for our high-res ZR-1 burnout gallery

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Corvette ZR1.

Video of Nissan's newly-mined 7:29 Nürburgring lap time has now surfaced on YouTube. The video comes courtesy of a fan recording a television screen at what looks to be a Nissan event display. The background noise is rather overbearing, but if you crank up the volume it is possible to catch a hint of the squealing tires and screaming engine. Those are the same street tires available off the showroom floor, along with supposedly stock engine specifications. Regardless of the equipment though

click above for more images of the Lexus LF-A Concept

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