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At the 2006 Geneva Motor Show Land Rover displayed a platform concept for a hybrid drive system that they called Land_e. Later this year Land Rover will unveil a drivable prototype using the system shown on the Land_e. The Land_e was a four wheel drive off roader in the Land Rover tradition but the engine is equipped with a mild hybrid system similar to the BAS system used on the Saturn Vue/Aura.

Land Rover North American VP Richard Beattie was on the podium in New York to show Americans the Land Rover Land_e, which makes use of the company's e-Terrain technology to provide improvements in emissions and fuel economy, without impacting on- or off-road performance. Included in its technology portfolio are an integrated starter-generator, an electric motor in the rear drive axle that provides tractive power and also enables the "seamless" propshaft disconnect and use of Ford's Po