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Range Rover turns 40 – Click above for high-res image gallery

When the Technology Strategy Board received funding in May for various eco-projects, one of the items on the TSB's list was a flywheel-based hybrid drive system. Connected automakers Jaguar, Land Rover and Ford are part of this project (along with Flybrid Systems, Ford Motor Company, Prodrive, Ricardo UK Ltd, Torotrak plc, and Xtrac Ltd.) and the Technology Strategy Board announced this week that the flywheel technology is proceeding as planned. We have a lot of hope for flywheel tech, and it ma

The major auto shows are a flurry of action during the media preview days. Sometimes, there are just 30 minutes between unveilings and all of the cool concept cars hit the media scene pretty much at once. The South East Automotive Media Organization has taken a leisurely look back at the concepts that were on display this past show season and decided that the Land Rover LRX (pictured) and the Saab 9-X BioHybrid were two ABG faves that deserve to be named at the seventh annual North American Conc

As part of the Technology Strategy Board's (TSB) ongoing efforts of promoting and supporting research into environmentally friendly automotive technology, the group has given funding to Ricardo, Jaguar and Land Rover for quite a few separate projects. Five of the projects are outlined here:

Yesterday's big news that Land Rover and Jaguar were sold to Tata Motors give us a chance to talk Land Rover in terms of CO2 emissions. Jaguar we'll just ignore for now, because Land Rover is a much more interesting case. We've ooohed and aaahed at the nice LRX concept, which would emit just 120 grams of CO2 per kilometer should it ever make it out of the Auto Show circuit, but in general Land Rover isn't exactly a clean car company. Automotive News Europe (subs req'd) found that Land Rover's s

We first saw the Land Rover LRX concept CUV in Detroit when it was a gleaming white promise from the future. Land Rover displayed a second color scheme for the LRX in Geneva and has brought that vehicle to New York this week. We couldn't help but get a little shutter-happy today, and we also got Land Rover North America's VP of communication, Tim Watson, to tell us that, while nothing is guaranteed, the company is "cautiously optimistic" that the LRX will one day be brought into production. Cons

Land Rover is very fond of its CO2 offsetting program and has decided to launch a campaign with a website to promote it, as well as celebrating the marque's 60th anniversary. The program not only plants trees but also includes humanitarian projects, as well as a window of Land Rover's statements on sustainable manufacturing and cleaner engines that produce less CO2.

A Land Rover that emits 120 grams of CO2 per kilometer? That's the promise of the LRX, the new concept SUV with a turbodiesel hybrid powertrain Land Rover unveiled yesterday at the Detroit Auto Show. Land Rover's press event made big deal of the history and future of Land Rover (with the very first Land Rover ever built sharing the state with Land Rover's second-ever concept vehicle - and this picture aptly demonstrates the message, I think), but the interesting thing is that the LRX is not exac

As our colleagues from Autoblog have just published, Land Rover has a smaller and more compact concept vehicle, the LRX. While the vehicle should have remained a secret until a big unveil in Detroit next month, you can see it now thanks to German enthusiast mag Auto Motor und Sport.