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Makes the G650 Landaulet look like a lady's handbag.

More wheels, more passengers, less roof.

Spy Shots
Los Angeles

Defending its off-road heritage, but not its looks.

This one won't be strictly for the fans.


Jim Ratcliffe says the design is not trademarked in Britain.

He says the design is not trademarked in Britain.


Live the Defender life for a day. Or half a day.

You can drive on in Vermont, North Carolina, or California.

First Drive

Not-so-humble Defenders at a humbling price, brought to you by the Humble brothers.


The BRP's Can-Am Defender won't be called that in the EU.

Land Rover is eager to defend its Defender even in court.


The best car isn't always the fastest one. Sometimes it's just about how it makes you feel.

The List

The Defender is banned in America, so we drove one in England

We go off-roading in a Land Rover Defender on this episode of The List.


Learn what it's like to drive a Defender without having to maintain one.


A chemical industry magnate wants to resurrect the venerable SUV.

The Defender may not be dead yet if a billionaire has his way.

First Drive

With a few rough edges smoothed, this Defender is a lovable brute.

West Coast Defenders works its magic to bring a rugged, stalwart SUV into the 21st century. Mostly.


The production model will likely arrive in 2019.

Land Rover execs still don't know where to build the new Defender, but they want to have it on the road in 2019. There's a chance assembly could still take place in the UK.

A Continuous Line Stretching Back 68 Years Ends Today

Starting with the Series I, the rugged post-war off-roader that slowly evolved into the Defender of today, these trucks have been in production for 68 years. All that ends today.


This is the highest price ever paid for a Land Rover. The sale of this 2,000,000th Defender/Series-line vehicle benefitted two charities.


Instead of adapting a commercial minivan to serve as a taxi, or designing one from the ground up, Land Rover set up this Defender 90 wagon to pick up fares around London.


Not only will the new Defender look nothing like the concept trucks, but it will likely signal a new place in Land Rover's lineup for the venerable off-roader.


Overfinch has been modifying Land Rovers since 1975, and it's celebrating its 40th anniversary with a limited run of five special Defenders - each priced at $100,000.