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The man installed by Tata to guide the Jaguar/Land Rover ship, David Smith, has left the company. Smith was the head of finance for Ford Europe, and had helped sell Aston Martin to Dave Richards' group before he assisted in the sale of Jaguar to Tata. He has been the CEO since 2008, and just last year helped the company secure a £340 million ($553 million) European Investment Bank loan guarantee. A short statement from the company itself gave no reason for the departure, saying only that R

Geoff Polites, who's stewardship of Land Rover and Jaguar improved the health of both properties, has succumbed after a long illness. Polites led Jaguar and Land Rover back to collective profitability, and kept a steady hand on the helm during the upheaval surrounding the sale to Tata a month ago. While rumors swirled and pundits punned, it was Polites leadership that kept Jaguar and Land Rover on an even keel, with heads down and concentrating, instead of freaking out. Polites spent 40 years in