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Alcoa awarded $259 million in DOE's first revived ATVMP loan program

It's Baaaaaaack

The DOE has revived the ATVMP loan program and will hand out the first $259 million loan agreement to Alcoa to make aluminum for lighter, cleaner cars.

U.S. Capitol gets first public charging station, frustratingly late for Sen. Levin

Ironically enough, even as Washington approved funding electric vehicle charging stations around the country, it dragged its feet on having them installed in the nation's capital. That's going to change, and it has taken surprisingly hard work in Congress to get the stations approved.

Lamar Alexander: the Leaf-driving Republican who stepped down to git 'r done

To understand why the plug-in vehicle loving Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander decided to step down from his leadership role in the Republican party recetly, we need look no further than his "Liberal-mobile" (so named by his critics), the Nissan Leaf.

Republican Senator Lamar Alexander: buying a Nissan Leaf is "patriotic"

Soon after taking delivery of his shiny black Nissan Leaf (as promised), Tennessee's Lamar Alexander, an outspoken Republican Senator who strongly supports plug-in vehicles, said: