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EPA: Four 2014 Mini Cooper models need to drop mpg numbers

After the huge problems that Hyundai/Kia experienced with its mislabeled fuel economy labels, you'd think that any time an automaker has to adjust its mpg numbers, heralds would be shouting from the rooftops. But, after Ford admitted to Sebastian Blanco

Mercedes forced to lower MPG ratings on two C300 models *UPDATE

New EPA Labels Are Up To 1 MPG Worse Than Before

*UPDATE: Donna Boland, manager of corporate communications at Mercedes Benz USA, told AutoblogGreen that the sticker change only applied to around 500 C-Class vehicles on dealer lots, since a new C-Class came out in late August. "About 500 are left in the United States, and we've relabeled them," she said.

The European Union is studying green label for tires

The EU is readying legislation that will label tires according to their impact on the environment. The idea is to create a label that would spot three values, two of them inspired by current energy efficiency ratings of domestic appliances:

Iowa legislators to kill ethanol-pump-label law to increase ethanol sales

By law, if a pump in Iowa provides gas that contains ten percent ethanol (an amount that is safe for almost all cars), the pump must have a label stating that the fuel contains ethanol. This can turn off some buyers who might be worried about the alcohol's lower energy content, and that equals lower sales of ethanol. This might change thanks to Iowa State Senator Jack Kibbie, who introduced legislation<

China to introduce automotive fuel-efficiency labeling system

China Daily is reporting that the State Council, the country's official state cabinet, recently asked government departments to more quickly address the application process of an automotive energy-efficiency labeling system. It was just last year that the Regulation on Energy-Efficiency Labeling Administration was jointly issued by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the National General Admin