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French website Leblogauto writers went to the EVER Salon in Monaco and gathered information and pictures from the Citroën Berlingo Venturi, which is one of the two vehicles competing for the French Postal Service (La Poste) contract for suburban delivery EVs.

Like Newteon, PSA Peugeot Citroen is eyeing the EV contract for La Poste. PSA is teaming up with Monaco-based Venturi Automobiles to produce battery-powered vans based on the Citroën Berlingo First and Peugeot Partner Origin for the French Post office. The partnership will produce a small batch of vans for a six month test program. Venturi has been developing high dollar electric sports cars and less expensive oddball buggies. For this project, Venturi will contribute a new compact electric

Last week, the French postal service La Poste announced it's intent to buy a lot of electric vehicles for mail carriers to use. Newteon, the company that works with Micro-Vett and Fiat on vehicles like the all-electric Fiat Doblo and Fiorino, now says its vehicles have made La Poste's short list of potential additions to the fleet. A prototype Doblo EV will be delivered to La Poste this summer and then four or five more will be tested in the fall. Micro-Vett converts the Fiats and Newteon distr

The French postal service (La Poste) has just released a public announcement saying they intend to buy 300 EVs for postal delivery. The amount could be increased to 3000 by the end of 2012. The public announcement not only includes the purchase of the EVs but also the maintenance contracts.