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We pick our favorites from LA.

Spoiler alert: no Subaru Viziv-7.

The 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show offered something for everyone. Enjoy this recap of our complete coverage.

It can now travel 124 miles on a charge.

The motor is more powerful, too.

More details emerge about the SUV that the Viziv-7 Concept will spawn.

Think of Subaru's next three-row crossover as the anti-Tribeca.

Interestingly, the G80 Sport won't be the most powerful model.

Mazda's sexy curves come to prototype endurance racing.

This preview of a production SUV is basically the size of a Chevrolet Tahoe.

The Subaru Viziv-7 Concept isn't just big for a Japanese SUV, it's just plain big.

Volvo has solutions for the tedious parts of car ownership.

Precision Cockpit might seem simple, but it's hiding a lot of really smart touches.

No hidden four-leaf clovers or maps on the new Stelvio, we're afraid.

And a Trailhawk model means it's even got some off-road chops.

Jeep's Compass is officially pointing in the right direction.

After 60 years, brand new XKSS sports cars are rolling out of a Jaguar factory.

Sixty years late and $1.25 million short.

They're called SideWinders for a reason.

Oh, and it has 500 horsepower.

Lidar is in the bumper makes for a cleaner look.

Existing radar and camera equipment combine with LiDAR to make this Ioniq autonomous.

The engine in the latest Le Mans competitor is in front of the rear axle.

This 911 RSR isn't like other 911s.

The next best thing to a virtual simulation of actually being there.

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