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What would an auto show be without all those lovely models? Although they weren't deployed as numerously as at some other recent shows (Frankfurt, Tokyo and SEMA come to mind) Los Angeles had its fair share of pretty faces representing the various manufacturers. It also had a few celebrities floating around to make you know you were close to Hollywood. Former NBAer John Salley, racer Derek Bell, "The Transporter" himself, Jason Statham, architect Frank Gehry, and California's own Governator made

Wow. One of Ford's employees made it way to easy for KGP's shooter to snap a shot of the new Escape in the buff. Seen in a parking lot in the Detroit area, Ford's redesigned soft-roader gets a more butch nose and, surprisingly, doesn't don the three-bar grille that's infecting all of Ford's recent offerings. The nose is decidedly Expedition-esque, with the rest of the body offering little departure from its big brother, the Mercury Mariner.

Who knows how serious VW is about giving a green light to a production version of its GX3, a three-wheel concept car that's literally hours old on the auto show circuit. The company's press release, however, states that a case for production all depends on how Americans react to this concept that was conceived and designed in our own California.