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What, an eco label not given to Toyota? Yes, the Japanese Ministry of Environment has awarded Nissan Motor Corp with the "Eco First" environmental label. This distinction is given to the Japanese marque for its commitment towards a better environment, specifically, Nissan's "Green Program 2010." Nissan's program not only aims for reducing its vehicles' emissions, but reducing other pollutants that affect waters, soil and air, a 100 percent rate of recycling in Japan, and raising environmental aw

After reaffirming a commitment to provide incentives for hybrid vehicle development in Australia, Kevin Rudd and his party soundly won this weekend's election. The new Prime Minister's first moves on Sunday were to examine how to go about having Australia ratify the Kyoto Protocol on greenhouse gas reduction. Rudd has already accepted an invitation from Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's for a meeting in Bali in December to make plans for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It will b