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Yesterday it was chipped tires, today it's chipped license plates. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is becoming more popular in everything from credit cards and passports to toll transponders and now license plates. RFID tags can simplify life by providing an automatic ID when scanned. RFID uses a microchip and antenna that stores personal data and can be installed in a device or embedded into an object (or even under the skin). Although this raises a whole 'nother debate about the Big Brot

Proton will build be adding a few new acronyms to its model lineup. The Malaysian concern announced yesterday at the Kuala Lumpur Auto Conference that it has designs on revamping its offerings to include an SUV and an MPV, and the vehicles could speak with a British or Chinese accent. Confused? Proton hopes to develop the vehicles over the next two years with business partner Lotus, but the company has also been seen recently working with Chinese concerns Chery and Alado Corporation Sdn Bhd. Pro