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Rumormill: Abarth Roadster based on KTM X-Bow?

Now this is a rumor we can get behind. According to Auto Express, Fiat is looking to take the mid-engine, rear-wheel drive fight to the Lotus Elise with a new Abarth roadster based on – get this – the KTM X-Bow. How's that for mouth watering?

Report: KTM planning fresh X-Bow variants

KTM X-Bow – Click above for high-res image gallery

MTM tunes up the KTM X-Bow and Audi TTS

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KTM bringing two world premieres to Geneva

Earlier this week, we received an email (posted after the jump) from KTM announcing plans to bring two new vehicles, along with two more variations of the X-Bow, to the Geneva Motor Show. Unfortunately, the motorcycle-manufacturer-turned-track-toy-purveyor hasn't released any details about what's on the way, but a quick look into the Autoblog archives gives us a glimpse of what to expect.

KTM may introduce new green vehicle in Geneva

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KTM partners with University to design eco-friendly concepts

Click above for a gallery of the six KTM concept vehicles

MTM creating 380-hp KTM X-Bow

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For Why? KTM offers winter wear for your X-Bow

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Rendered Speculation: Racer X Design RZ Formula

Click above for a high-res image gallery of the Racer X Design Formula RZ

KTM X-Bow will take part in the Race of Champions

Click above for more shots of the KTM X-Bow for the ROC

Aw Snap! Owner crashes KTM X-Bow first time out

It was bound to happen, but it hurts nonetheless. The KTM X-Bow is hot off the presses, and it didn't take long for some brand new ones to show up on the 'Ring in Germany with their new owners behind the wheel. That hallowed circuit has led to the demise of more than a few machines, not to mention their drivers, and will inevitably continue to claim casualties as racers test their skills on its winding asph

Video: KTM X-Bow gets track tested

We've been talking about the KTM X-Bow for over a year now and while it's nice to read about a car's innovative lightweight construction and its many event appearances, t

KTM bringing faster, harder X-Bow to Geneva in 2009

Click above for a high-res gallery of the KTM X-Bow.

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