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Kroger, whose supermarket chains include Ralph's and Food 4 Less, will add more than 225 Ecotality charging stations at stores throughout the western US to bring its total to almost 300. Ecotality makes plug-in vehicle charging stations under the Blink brand name, which some EV drivers have had problems with.

Hey cowboy, got one of those little flex-fuel badges on your truck? If so, you can now fill 'er up with E85 at 20 Kroger gas stations in the Dallas and Houston areas. Kroger and VeraSun Energy announced today that VeraSun's mix of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline (which VeraSun calls VE85) will now be sold at the Kroger filling stations. There's a list of these stations and their addresses after the jump. The 20 new ethanol retail pumps brings VeraSuns national total to over 140 in 13

Ohio-based grocery chain Kroger also has gas stations at many of their stores. Kroger is now teaming up with VeraSun Energy and Enterprise Rent-a-car to install E85 pumps at twenty of their stations in Ohio and Kentucky. Enterprise has been labeling some of their rental outlets that are located close to E85 pumps as VE85TM/FlexFuel branches.

With all those stories about biofuel conferences and production plants in Texas we had last week (see here and here), it's refreshing to read that there's also news about biofuel that people can get their hands on now. The first E85 pump has opened In Houston at a Kroger store and Kroger says it will sell E85 at 18 stores in Houston and Dallas in the near future. The news comes from the Houston Chronicle, which says there are 354,000 flexible fuel vehicles in Texas, more than in any other state.