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The new solar-powered, hybrid K.I.T.T. or Knight Industries Three Thousand, in the new Knight Rider TV movie, which aired last night , gets 167 MPG ... if it were real. Since KITT is self-aware, he describes his powerplant this way: "My system is largely solar-powered. It recycles ninety-one percent of its expended energy, allowing a ratio of 167 miles traveled for every gallon of fuel burned." Mike Traceur, the son of Michael Knight and KITT's driver (partner?) thought his ride would run on hyd

Val Kilmer. You know him as Ice Man or Batman (shudder) or, perhaps, as Moses. Soon, though, we'll think of him at KITT. Thanks (or no thanks if you're Will Arnett, aka a star of Arrested Development and the guy who already recorded the KITT voiceovers) to some fighting between GMC and Ford, Kilmer was asked to step in at the last minute and work on the made-for-TV movie that airs February 17. See, Arnett has done voice work for the professional grade advertisers and the Knight Rider movie is sp

Recently, I told you the new KITT, in the upcoming Knight Rider TV movie, would have a solar powered hybrid engine. NBC is showing a TV commercial highlighting this green feature. You can watch video of the TV commercial below the fold. The ad also mentions that the new KITT has 550 horsepower and race-tuned suspension standard.

Turns out I was wrong when I said the new KITT from the Knight Rider movie coming February was not a hybrid. According to the show's executive producer, David Bartis, the new KITT is very efficient and a hybrid in "some ways." KITT will also have solar panels and other green technologies. Here is exactly what David said: