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Knight Rider: The Liveblog - Season 1, Episode 17

Welcome to the Series Finale of Knight Rider. No, that's not official, but it may as well be. Counseling will be made available to those in denial. Okay, it won't. Part of me might actually miss Knight Rider, because making fun of it has been such a blast. Nevertheless, it's over. I probably should have taped plastic up like they do in the locker rooms of playoff teams about to clinch the title. That way I can keep the champagne spray off my A/V receiver.

Knight Rider: The Liveblog - Season 1, Episode 16

And tonight, we arrive at "Knight and the City", the penultimate episode of Knight Rider, Season 1 (and only). Tonight, KITT turbo boosts and barfly Mike helps out the Random Babe of the Week. At least that's what the teaser at the end of last week's Knight Rider/Access Hollywood crossover episode indicated.

Knight Rider: The Liveblog - Season 1, Episode 15

Last week, Mike broke all the rules of Fight Club and solved The Mystery of Dead Tiki Barber. Then KITT yelled like a drill instructor in the final moments of the show. It was as cringe-inducing as it sounds. Anyway, the post-reboot skinny on Knight Rider is this: it has gone from being hilariously bad to surprisingly boring -- especially for the crew that's now essentially jailed at the Fortress of Suck. Including tonight, there's 3 episodes to go before the Cancellation Reaper does his inevita

Knight Rider: The Liveblog - Season 1, Episode 14

Tonight on Knight Rider, the writers' wheel of movie plots to rip off lands on Fight Club. In "Fight Knight," Tiki Barber guest stars as a dead drill sergeant, there's no soap made from human fat, and you won't need to worry about subliminal porn images being edited in -- just promos for Heroes and Chuck.

Knight Rider: The Liveblog - Season 1, Episode 13

And so, we arrive at the post-reboot Knight Rider era, also known as garbage time, wherein the leftover players run out the clock to cancellation. Tonight's episode, written and directed by showrunner Gary Scott Thompson, the architect of this disaster, is called "Exit Light, Enter Knight." Metallica's lawyers are on line two, Gary.

Knight Rider: The Liveblog - Season 1, Episode 12

Last week, we learned that Carrie's survived the massive explosion, that her dad is Shaft, and that she's not good to go for field ops any more. Exit Carrie. Then, later, Bruce Davison bought the farm in an offscreen plane crash . This would appear to leave the option open for him to pull a Tony Almeida and resurface, except that we know NBC canned him. Tonight, we get the KITT vs. KARR showdown. Oh, and Torres is gonna die, I think. It should be both awful and awesome.

Knight Rider: The Liveblog - Season 1, Episode 11

Last week when we left off, Mike and KITT were sent on a scavenger hunt by a kidnapper/terrorist who obviously never has any rollover minutes on his mobile phone. Anyway, one thing led to another and Mike rescued Ambassador Erykah Badu from the Chatty Kidnapper's clutches, only to go and get himself caught in the final ten minutes. Then, Knight Rider became Speed 3: Knight Rider's Writers Run Out of Ideas, as the bad guys loaded a bomb onto KITT and told Mike that he has to stay over 100 mph or

Knight Rider: The Liveblog - Season 1, Episode 10

Okay. The "reboot" begins tonight, with "Don't Stop the Knight"

Knight Rider: The Liveblog - Season 1, Episode 9

And... after a lengthy hiatus, we're back. New Year's Eve marks the return of Knight Rider. It's the 9th episode, there are nine episodes left, and in a few hours we all ring in 2009. Huzzah.

Knight Rider: The Liveblog -- Season 1, Episode 7

Busy week in the world of Knight Rider. Fresh off the news that last week's episode got beaten in the ratings by a telenovela on cable and that the show's getting reinvented in a bid to make it actually watchable, we're back for another round of this televised KITT-lamity.

Knight Rider: The Liveblog -- Season 1, Episode 6

Oh, you thought it was over, didn't you? Well, you (and I) should be so lucky. Last week, Knight Rider was pre-empted by the Obamercial, so your humble blog host got a much-appreciated bye. Tonight, however, the 8:00 hour on Wednesday is once again hijacked by the KITT crew.

Knight Rider: The Liveblog -- Season 1, Episode 4

One more episode of this, and my over/under prediction of 5 for show cancellation (I took the under) is toast. In any case, here I am. Again. Lucky me, lucky you.

Knight Rider: The Liveblog -- Season 1, Episode 3

Yeah, I know I'm late. Sue me. Against my better judgement (and yours, based on last week's poll), I'm here semi-liveblogging tonight's episode with the assistance of my Tivo.

Knight Rider: The Liveblog -- Season 1, Episode 2

Last week, our heroes survived magic napalm, chased a Spanish babe who inflicted curb rash on a Spyker, and we learned Mike has amnesia of sorts. Then, to mask Mike's identity, they faked his death, gave him no plastic surgery, and let him take on the name used by his dad. Yeah, we're sure he'll stay really low-profile that way.

Knight Rider: The Liveblog - Season 1, Episode 1

Welcome, my friends! Tonight we gather to watch the train wreck that is NBC's Knight Rider, now a weekly series in the wake of the catastrophically bad telemovie that aired back in February. If you've blotted the memory of that debacle out of your brain, feel free to check out the original liveblog for a refresher while you wait for tonight's show to start.

Knight Rider: The Liveblog

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