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Hand gesture controls coming to a car near you?

It looks as if the gesture-sensitive interface for the Cadillac Cue infotainment system is just the beginning of gesture integration in our vehicles. Wired reports that Microsoft is already investigating ways to incorporate technology lifted from its Xbox Kinect. Likewise, Harman has unveiled a new system that recognizes both

Honda's Asimo + Kinect = Creepy animatronic hokey-pokey

When the end of the world comes, it will arrive on the shoulders of dancing robots. The researchers behind Asimo, the humanoid robot from Honda, have tapped into the muscle behind the Xbox Kinect system to allow users to control Asimo using nothing more than their own body movements. With self-collision safeguards and upper and lower body correlation pr

Car Gifts for Christmas: The Big Gifts

Our second list of car gifts for Christmas focuses on those big gifts you get from Santa, or the one present that breaks the bank of the gift giver. Too rich for your blood? No problem, check out some less expensive gift ideas here.

Soon, you can drive a Chevy Volt without using your hands on the Xbox Kinect

There's a whole lot of technology built into the Chevy Volt, and some upcoming advertising for the plug-in car looks to be just as futuristic (unlike General Motors' earlier efforts). Ca