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Kia is not a brand most people think of as being on the cutting edge of alternative drivetrain technology, especially in the U.S. market. Here they are mostly thought of as a purveyor of inexpensive, decent but not outstanding cars. However we can't forget that Kia is a part of Hyundai and that brand has consistently ranked in the top three in CAFE rankings for the last several years, along with Toyota and Honda. That's without even having a hybrid, diesel or flex-fuel vehicle in the lineup. Tog

Kia's primary reputation in the US is for building inexpensive basic transportation. However, back in the home market of South Korea, Kia has been working with corporate siblings Hyundai on a variety of alternative fuel vehicles. Kia Strategic Planner Hyun Jin Cho has a post on the Kia Buzz blog about some of the company's projects. Even before getting gobbled up by Hyundai a decade ago, Kia was actually the first Korean manufacturer to build an electric vehicle with a battery-powered van called