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When your company has received two rounds of funding that involved money from Bill Gates, there's a good chance that your technology is pretty good. EcoMotors International is in that category now that its most-recent financing round included a second investment from the Microsoft Founder.

Venture capitalist and biofuel supporter Vinod Khosla wrote, "The time has now come for us to stop subsidizing corn ethanol" arguing that "subsidies should be a short-term, and not a permanent measure, used for five to seven years after a technology first starts scaling in order to allow it to transition down the cost curve until it can compete on its own merits." Khosla's column, titled "Time to Move On," appeared on the Green Tech Media site and outlined his belief that it's now time for corn

Sun Microsystems founder Vinod Khosla has not been shy about making his bets on the automotive future known. Wherever there has been an opportunity to invest in or promote advanced ethanol, it seems Khosla was there, giving it at least a cursory look (see, for example, Coskata, which GM also invested in). He even described his "big biofuels bet" back in 2006.

Considering that the internal combustion engine has been around for so long, you could be excused if you thought that there were no more big gains to be found when it comes to the efficiency of the design. You would be wrong, though, and EcoMotors' has a unique design ICE that is giving the company room to make some big claims. Using a horizontal design, like the old Volkswagen Beetle or current Subarus, EcoMotors believes that a 2.5 liter engine using their technology could generate as much pow

OK, you've got American Petroleum Institute CEO Red Cavaney and ethanol venture capitalist Vinod Khosla both speaking at the Advancing Renewable Energy Conference last week in St. Louis. Guess who said which of the following:

By 2008, a new company called Cilion will be operating eight ethanol production plants each capable of producing 55 million gallons of ethanol. The interesting aspect is that these plants will be built from identical, modular plans. The first three will be built in California. Cilion was formed by Western Milling, a large grain milling company in California, and Khosla Ventures, a venture assistance and capital firm. There isn't a lot of information on the modular plants in the press release, bu