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VIDEO: How big is your footprint?

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Norway electric car sales hit record as Buddy finds buyers

The cheap price of gas may be hurting the sales of some electric vehicles (EVs) in America, but the same can not be said for Norway where gas is only down to $5.18 a gallon. Electric car sales have doubled in the past year, hitting an all-time high in November. As if to punctuate that feat, the opening days of December have seen Norwegian electric company Hafslund

High-res pictures of the Kewet Buddy (You know, it's not that bad)

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Norwegian Kewet Buddy electric vehicle's got good specs, clunky look

Even though some people at the G-Wiz Forums like the look, the Kewet Buddy wins many style points from me. It looks too much like a blunt doorstop. Still, the more NEVs, the better, right?