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Ylvis finds funny solution to quiet EV 'problem'

Ylvis, the fraternal comedic duo from Norway famous for not knowing what the fox says, certainly don't suffer similar bewilderment when it comes to electric car sounds. Much has been made of the silent attribute of electric vehicles at low speeds, and while some manufacturers have ap

Kewet Buddy electric car used in train track protest (again), this time against nuclear energy

Back in August of 2010, the pint-sized electric Kewet Buddy, driven by Neptune Network, was blocking an 80-ton freight train carrying a toxic chemical known as Magna

Pint-sized Buddy electric vehicle stops 80-ton freight train in its tracks

It's certainly not a common sight to see an electric vehicle parked on some desolate train tracks located near Norway's border with Russia, but it's all done for a good cause. The pint-sized Buddy EV, driven by Eric Loveday

Sneak Peek: A look at the new Metro Buddy

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Meet another Norwegian EV: The Buddy

Buddy is a Norwegian company that is building EVs. Their model, the Kewet Buddy is one of the cheapest EVs in the market, thanks to it's off-the shelf components with "little emphasis on additional equipment and fancy extras", as the website states. The bright side? Fewer components means fewer parts to break.

Go with Danny on a quick test drive of the Kewet Buddy in the UK

Right at the beginning of AutoblogGreen, we discovered that Danny Fleet was one of the most vocal proponents of electric cars over in the UK. His website, Danny's Contentment, describes driving EVs through London streets and other realities of life using the small all-electric vehicles that are currently available. Danny recently took a

High-res pictures of the Kewet Buddy (You know, it's not that bad)

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Norwegian Kewet Buddy electric vehicle's got good specs, clunky look

Even though some people at the G-Wiz Forums like the look, the Kewet Buddy wins many style points from me. It looks too much like a blunt doorstop. Still, the more NEVs, the better, right?