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Chrysler is re-establishing a partnership with Kettering University in Flint, Michigan, for students in the automotive engineering program. This relationship was put on hold in 2008 when the automaker began its financial crisis.

Since its founding in 1919 as The School for Automotive Trades, Kettering University in Flint, Michigan has had deep ties with General Motors. In fact, the University was acquired in 1926 by GM and renamed General Motors Institute of Technology. Since then, the automaker has used the school as a playground to train young engineers and managers. That long history may now be in danger as The General, facing hardships on a scale never before seen, has separated itself from 103 students that had pre

Toyota Motor Company has joined with Central Japan Railway and Chubu Electric Power to open an ultra-elite boarding school in Japan. The Kaiyo Academy, for boys aged 12-18 (sorry, folks, no Japanese schoolgirls here), is intended to help reverse what some view as a slide in Japanese educational standards (said to be brought about by the government's 30 percent reduction in standard school workloads in 2002).