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London congestion charge has failed to solve congestion

London Congestion Charge: FAIL. According to the most recent reports, traffic in London is exactly as bad today as it was before the C-Charge was ever initiated. London motorists have made their opinion about the system clear in recently voting out ex-Mayor Ken Livingstone, a man who championed the charges and had plans to in

Score! New Mayor of London a true motorhead

Forgive us for not being more up on the landscape of local London politics, but when we informed you that anti-automobile incumbent Ken Livingstone had lost his bid for reelection as the Mayor of London we had no idea how lucky Londoners had gotten with his replacement. Boris Johnson is his name, and he is the Yin to Livingstone's car-hating Yang. Johnson is a true motorhead, and a quick Google search re

What will Ken Livingstone's defeat mean for London Congestion charge?

The man who brought the congestion charge to London England has lost his bid for re-election as Mayor of England's capital. Ken Livingstone has always been a controversial figure in British politics but his tenure as mayor of London brought that controversy to new heights. In the course of his eight years at the helm, Livingstone introduced the congestion charge that requires drivers to pay a toll of £8 (about $16) per day to drive into a zone of central London. During the local elections

Ken Livingstone is Mayor of London no more!

Ken Livingstone is the current mayor of London who has not endeared himself to the city's swarm of automobile owners while in office since 2000. His most controversial move as London's mayor was to institute a congestion charge for driving in certain parts of the city, and his latest idea of instituting a $50-per-day tax for gas-guzzlers within the city limits has drawn some serious ire f

London's Congestion Charge will increase CO2 emissions?

We don't want to take sides on London's Congestion Charge, but we are keenly interested in what the charge will mean for the environment and motorists. Ken Livingstone claims that the charge is intended to reduce congestion and CO2 emissions while Porsche claims that the charges are unnecessarily high and unfair. New evidence that Porsche has located, though, indicates that CO2 emissions will actually i

UK road tax scheme appears to lack any logic

So much has been written already regarding London Mayor Ken Livingstone's new road tax that we never really spent too much time analyzing the plan itself. Fortunately, though, Clean Green Cars did it for us. EDIT: The Vehicle Excise Duty is diffe

61% of Londoners support congestion charge, says Mayor Livingstone

By now, you're surely aware of the efforts of London Mayor Ken Livingstone to increase London's congestion charge. You're also likely know about the distaste that Porsche feels regarding these changes. Back in late February, Porsche polled Londoners themselves and fou

Ken Livingstone might have "doctored" bus lane report

Lately, London Mayor Ken Livingstone has seen a great deal of press coverage regarding his efforts to increase the congestion charges in London, which caused Porsche to vehemently disagree with said charges. This is not Livingstone's only legislative issue these days,

RMIF: London Congestion Charge should not be based on emissions

The consultation period on London Mayor Ken Livingstone's revised congestion charge plan starts today. Getting in an opening salvo, the non-executive chairman of the Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMIF), Alec Murray, says straight-up that the proposal won't work.

London Mayor unveils climate action plan

The mayor of London, England, Ken Livingstone, has released a new Climate Change Action Plan for the city, that goes beyond the existing congestion charges that have been in place for several years now. Carbon dioxide emissions have stayed flat in London since 1990 thanks to high usage rates for public transport. Currently, transport only comprises 22 percent of total emissions, and this can be improved by up to 30 percent by just getting people to buy the most efficient version of whatever car