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When going from 0 to 60 miles per hour, the Nissan Leaf may be about three seconds slower than the Tesla Model S, but when it comes to Kelly Blue Book's list of "10 Best Green Cars of 2013," the Leaf beats out its more expensive all-electric brethren.

Well, color us embarrassed. Never you mind the earlier post we ran about last year's Kelly Blue Book resale value awards. As it turns out, KBB very wisely hands out those nods for the upcoming model year based on their projected resale values five years from now. For 2011, Subaru walked away with the title of Best Resale Value Brand while BMW took the nod for Best Resale Value Luxury Brand. The two dethroned Toyota and Lexus, respectively, despite the Japanese automaker's products holding four s

Hyundai was one of just a few companies to come through the automotive meltdown of 2009 relatively unscathed. The Korean automaker managed to keep sales up while others faltered thanks to a quality, inexpensive product lineup backed with a stout warranty. Now it looks like those very factors are beginning impact the number of car shoppers who would consider hopping into a Hyundai. According to the Kelly Blue Book Market Intelligence Brand Watch study, the company has risen to the fifth most non-

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While it may seem that the coolest cars are only available to those with means, the industry continues to compete most heavily in their largest volume segments. The result is that there is a wealth of "cool cars" available for less than $18,000, and Kelly Blue Book has compiled a list of their top ten for 2008.

The joke used to be that the Kelley Blue Book wasn't blue. For a while now, you haven't even needed the book. But there is KBB.com, and it's a hella popular car research site. J.D. Power and Associates just announced that, for the eighth year in a row, it's the "most visited automotive Web site among new-vehicle buyers". Well, good for KBB, but I wanted to know how good the site is for shoppers interested in environmentally conscious cars? My verdict: It's not easy being green on KBB.

In the first half of 2006, cars made by Toyota and Honda were the most-searched-for vehicles on the Kelley Blue Book website, KBB announced today. Here is the list of the top ten most-searched-for vehicles, and to see what kind of mileage the cars consumers have been looking for get, I've included the EPA's combined mileage rating for each of the vehicles. Since mileage varies depending on a lot of factors, I compared only 2006 models and then, whenever presented with a choice not defined by KBB