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Kelley Blue Book recommends maybe not selling your SUV right now

Photo by Joguldi. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

KBB survey shows new-car buyers spend less money on other items

The Kelley Blue Book seems to track nearly everything related to cars and transportation. We recently became aware that a new KBB survey indicated that consumers are changing their car-buying habits because of high fuel prices. Not every purchaser is choosing as efficient a vehicle as they could, to be sure. According to KBB's latest survey, new car

Another source states that gas price is affecting car buyers

This is a post about one of the car market's most known voices: The Kelly Blue Book. According to KBB's latest marketing research study, more consumers are changing car shopping habits because of gas prices. And it's not a small number who are looking for help: KBB's report states 60 it's percent. Furthermore, 43 percent stated that they could consider seriously buying a more fuel-efficient vehicle if gas prices goes up another 25 cents over current levels.

New car buyers amazingly wary of diesel

Even though it's a simple fact that diesel-engined cars get more miles per gallon than equilavent gasoline-powered ones, convincing new car buyers in America to make the switch is proving difficult. As a new study conducted this month by Kelley Blue Book has found, more new car buyers rank hybrids (40 percent), hydrogen (20), and flex-fuel (17) systems as " most likely to succeed in becoming a mainstream vehicle powertrain type" than diesels (6). That's an amazi