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Back in April, Nissan updated the process it is using to sell the all-electric Leaf. Most importantly, that meant that interested buyers no longer needed to place a $99 reservation fee to order their car from Nissan's website. Instead, as Nissan's Katherine Zachary told AutoblogGreen, interested customers can now create an account online or order a Leaf directly from the dealer, "without any associated fees. Dealers across the country are able to sell the Leaf, with many receiving the cars direc


What's up with the sales, orders and reservations of the Nissan Leaf? Nissan loudly trumpeted the 20,000 reservations it originally collected back in September, 2010 and Nissan's Mark Perry recently told AutoblogGreen that, since then, that number has climbed to around 26,000. Where do things stand today? That's not exactly simple to figure out. Here's what we know: