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REPORT: Volkswagen confirms Karmann purchase, plans to build new car at factory in 2011

Volkswagen AG has announced it will be establishing a new manufacturing unit in Osnabrueck, located in VW's home state of Lower Saxony, Germany. Interestingly enough, VW will be purchasing the land, equipment, and machinery formerly owned by Karmann -- the coachbuilder and convertible roof specialists who manufactured the classic Beetle-based Karmann Ghia coupe (Karmann filed for bankruptcy protection in April, and Michael Harley

REPORT: VW bids to save Karmann but coachbuilder holding out for more money

German coachbuilder Karmann has been in trouble since before the global economy caught its version of the swine flu, and from a workforce of 5,000 the company is down to 1,800. A huge order for VW electric vehicles was meant to keep the company going while it sorted out its issues, but even that won't be

Quicc! Diva wins "Car of the Future"

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Karmann Go: Legendary coachbuilder shuts down as last car comes off the line

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Karmann-designed E3 "sports limousine" coming to Hanover 2009

It seems as though Karmann won't let a little thing like bankruptcy get in the way of its plans to move forward with new electro-car work. As part of a venture undertaken with German energy and communications company the Oldenburg Energy Group (EWE), the iconic maker of Ghias, Crossfires and cabriolets has penned a new design that will be unveiled at the H

Karmann to build DuraCar Quicc! DiVa for German market

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