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Green Car Reports has received confirmation from Fisker Automotive that they will not be participating at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show despite the supposed spring arrival of the Karma luxury plug-in hybrid in the United States. The company's next scheduled appearance will be at the Geneva Motor Show in March. According to company spokesman Russell Datz, Fisker skipping out on Detroit should not necessarily be perceived as a sign of trouble or more delays. He said production is still "scheduled for

Production of the Fisker Karma's solar roof, made by Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc along with Asola of Germany, is due to begin in early 2011. This solar roof will set the record for "largest continuous and most highly curved solar roof in a passenger car application." Additionally, the solar roof of the Karma one-ups that of the Toyota Prius by not only allowing the solar panels to cool down the interior, but also to lightly charge the battery for an estimated 4-5 miles of ad