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It's a tragic coincidence that on the same weekend the BMW M4 Coupe Concept was introduced in Monterey, one of the men most integral to BMW's M and Motorsports divisions, Karl-Heinz Kalbfell, was killed in England. Kalbfell, a vintage motorcycle enthusiast, was set to compete in the Lansdowne Classic Series at Brands Hatch and had an accident during a practice session. After going wide at Druids Corner and falling, he was hit by a competitor following close behind and died of his injuries after

It's no secret that Lotus has its sights set firmly on Ferrari. Need proof? Well, besides the fact that company CEO Dany Bahar (who's previous job was as an executive at Ferrari) has come right out and said as much, we have the (smallest to largest in this order): Elise, Elan, Esprit, Elite and Eterne concepts from the 2010 Paris Motor Show.

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