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While we spent a lot of late 2007 talking about the very real ethanol glut that was happening in America, the good news for people who have a lot invested in the biofuel (farmers, for one) is that prices have been on the upswing since mid-November. According to an article in the Wichita Eagle, the rebound is taking the form of a 35-cent-per gallon increase and is "within 10 cents of the wholesale price of unleaded gasoline." There is still plenty of ethanol available, but with fewer plants being

There is plenty of opposition to the rapid growth of corn ethanol in the Midwest, but a lot of that opposition comes from people who look at the larger picture, and from proponents of ethanol alternatives. The communities where the plants are located are often happy to have the jobs and a place to sell corn. Not so in Shawnee County, Kansas.