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As a biodiesel plant goes up in nearby Bangor, residents of Kalamazoo can get into the biofuel scene without switching from their standard cars thanks to flexible fuel conversion kits available at Great Lakes Lab. Mechanics at the GLL will install the kits, made by Flextek, in a car for a few hundred dollars, according to the Kalamazoo Gazette (which - full disclosure - I used to write for). GLL just started installing the kits last week and has already done five, said co-owner Sheryl Bongers. T

The Kalamazoo Gazette in Kalamazoo, MI ran a Viewpoint column last week where the writer, Richard Holcomb, wrote about all the benefits of growing hemp to wean ourselves of oil imports for fuel and plastics. Hemp activists have an incredibly hard time convincing people to seriously consider growing hemp because of its connection to marijuana (hemp itself is not psychoactive), but Holcomb does a good job of describing the difference between hemp and marijuana and how hemp could be used to make et

The cover of today's Kalamazoo Gazette is dominated by a story on Michigan's first large-scale biodiesel plant, which will be opened in Bangor later this year and produce 10 million gallons a year. The article contains a lot of the same pro-alternative memes as recent articles we've pointed to recently – energy independence through biofuels, farmers produce and use the fuels, and the national production of biodiesel and, of course, ethanol will grow dramatically in the next few years. One