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Rendered Speculation: Ford's new Ka is coming

There are many vehicles manufactured by Ford that never see the United States market, and the subcompact Ka is one of those offerings. It can be found roaming the streets of Europe and Latin America (totally different versions that happen to share the same name, we're told), and it's actually quite popular in the United Kingdom where the second generation model is eagerly awaited.

More info on the second generation Ford Ka

The Brits at CAR have the scoop yet again on another upcoming car that we may or may not see in the US. This time they have details on the new second-generation Ford Ka. The first-generation Ka was based on the chassis of the Ford Fiesta, but the new one shares mechanicals with the new Fiat 500 and will even be built in the same plant in Poland with the Fiat. The funky curvy design of the original Ka is displaced by the kinetic design of the latest European Ford models and a CityKa model will in