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With more than a half-million words in the English language and 10 digits to choose from, Ford had ample opportunity to not name its new European carsharing service pretty much the same as a competing service operated by Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler. Alas, opportunity squandered.

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We're less than a day away from the official unveiling of the 2009 Ford Ka, but as is often the case, more cracks are appearing in the dam. This latest leakage comes courtesy of AM-Online, with two new images showing the Ka's new rear end and, more importantly, the interior.

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The newest Ford Ka has been spotted by Auto Express, and the car in the flesh looks almost exactly like the Ka renderings that Auto Express published a couple of weeks ago. The grille could be a bit smaller than the one in the rendering, but it's difficult to tell without the highlights and chrome. The number of discrete elements in the GT-R-like mouthpiece, though, is the same.

I still have to decide if this is just a measure to save money or to save CO2, but James Bond's upcoming film will feature the new but humble Ford Ka instead of an Aston Martin.

There are many vehicles manufactured by Ford that never see the United States market, and the subcompact Ka is one of those offerings. It can be found roaming the streets of Europe and Latin America (totally different versions that happen to share the same name, we're told), and it's actually quite popular in the United Kingdom where the second generation model is eagerly awaited.

It seems like America is the only place where American cars aren't popular. Buick has huge numbers in China, and Ford's having a lot of success in Brazil. Sales of the Fusion sedan took off to the point that it now leads the midsize segment there. Riding high on the Fusion's success, Ford's sending the Edge below the equator. The Edge will join a lineup that includes the new Ka compact, the EcoSport small 'Ute, and the Fiesta.

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The Brits at CAR have the scoop yet again on another upcoming car that we may or may not see in the US. This time they have details on the new second-generation Ford Ka. The first-generation Ka was based on the chassis of the Ford Fiesta, but the new one shares mechanicals with the new Fiat 500 and will even be built in the same plant in Poland with the Fiat. The funky curvy design of the original Ka is displaced by the kinetic design of the latest European Ford models and a CityKa model will in

The first generation Ford Ka was built off of the same platform as the larger Fiesta in Europe but the new upcoming model will share a platform with the recently announced Fiat 500. While Fiat has decided to follow the path of the MINI as a premium small car, Ford has decided to try and keep the new Ka less expensive. In Britain the 500 will have a starting price of almost £11,000 while the Ka is targeted at a significantly cheaper £7,500.