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Junkyard Gem: 1987 Toyota Land Cruiser

FJ60s in good shape are worth real money. Rough FJ60s end up here

Junkyard Gem: 1970 Audi 100LS

One of the very first Audis ever sold in America

Junkyard Gem: 2002 Jaguar XJR

Jaguar's 370-horsepower supercharged sedan for the dawn of the new century, now fully depreciated in Colorado.

Junkyard Gem: 1971 Saab 96

A rare junkyard example of the first model of Saab to sell in large numbers in the United States.

Junkyard Gem: 1996 Subaru Swift SLOKYO DRIFT Edition

The final owner of this Swift had a sense of humor about Full Depreciation.

Junkyard Gem: 1975 Plymouth Fury Sedan

With V8 engine and column-shift 3-speed manual transmission, a rare combo in 1975.

Junkyard Gem: 1985 Ford Ranger XL

Complete with 5-speed manual transmission and the optional Cologne V6 engine.

Junkyard Gem: 1987 Volkswagen Quantum GL5 Syncro Wagon

A German all-wheel-drive wagon with a manual transmission fails to find a forever home in Colorado

Junkyard Gem: 2007 Mercury Mariner Hybrid

Remember the Mercury-badged version of the Ford Escape Hybrid? Probably not, but here's one in a Denver junkyard.

Junkyard Gem: 1979 Toyota Corona Station Wagon

Before there was the Camry, there was the Corona. Here's a rare Corona wagon in Colorado.

Junkyard Gem: 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart

It wasn't quite an Evo, but the Ralliart was much quicker than the regular Lancer.

Junkyard Gem: 1978 Ford Mustang II Hardtop

A rare notchback Mustang II, discarded in Denver.

Junkyard Gem: 1985 Mazda 626 Sedan

The ancestor of the Mazda6, found in a boneyard near Pikes Peak

Junkyard Gem: 1964 Dodge Dart GT 2-Door Hardtop

A sporty hardtop Dart with Slant-6 engine and pushbutton automatic, found in Colorado.

Junkyard Gem: 1983 Chrysler Cordoba

Yes, the Cordoba stayed in production until 1983.

Junkyard Gem: 2007 Ford Taurus SE

The very last model year for the original Ford Taurus, sold to fleet buyers only.

Junkyard Gem: 1990 Geo Metro XFi

With just 49 horsepower, this car was the fuel-economy champion of the early 1990s

Junkyard Gem: 1987 Ford Escort GL Station Wagon

Complete with four-on-the-floor manual transmission.

Junkyard Gem: 1990 Jeep Cherokee Laredo

Five-speed manual, four-wheel-drive, no cup holders.

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